2020 Harvest

The year began with a mild and dry winter and continued with a very warm March which made the vines sprout very early. At the beginning of April, with most of the buds out, an anomalous cold wave arrived, culminating in a dusting of snow and three mornings of sub-zero temperatures, causing considerable damage to the buds. In fact, it froze almost half of the buds which were then reborn but unfortunately without grapes, immediately compromising production.

April and May, rainy but also quite warm, allowed the vines to recover from the stress of the cold and to grow well, flowering in early June. A typical summer ensued, with some peaks of heat but not excessive, little rain until August, veraison began at the end of July and ended around 20 August, far earlier than in previous years.

Early September with some heavy rains followed by hot and dry days meant excellent ripening, the harvest took place for the first time in Sanlorenzo in September. The date of the harvest was 28 and 29 September. The very high quality wines have nice acidity and an alcohol content below the average of recent years, with a good and pleasant framework, a style which could remind us of some harvests of the last century.

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