The wine cellar


The way from the vineyard to the glass is long


Immediately after the harvest, the grapes are brought to the cellar and carefully destemmed. Then they are pressed and carefully transferred to stainless steel vats where fermentation and maceration take plac. This process takes about 20 to 25 days at a temperature that ranges from 28 degrees in the early days to 20 in the last days. During these days periodical delestage and pumping over take place. At the end of vinification, the wine is transferred to vats for the deposit of the fine lees. At this point analysing and tasting the wine, the ultimate choice is made: either Rosso or Brunello di Montalcino will be the final product.

The wine that is going to be Rosso di Montalcino will be transferred to the barriques without taking away the light residues. There it will rest for 12 month and periodically treated with batonnage. When the given time has passed the wine is bottled and aged for at least 3 months. The Rosso di Montalcino is ready to be sold from the spring of the second year after harvest.

The Brunello is transferred into big oak barrels ( capacity 30 hectoliters) for 3 years. After it is transferred into steel vats for the necessary amount of time and the bottled. Once bottled it has to age at least 6 months. Brunello is released on the market from the February of the 5th year after harvest.