The harvest

October: The last effort 


During the year the vines are constantly attended to, first through a selection of the shoots with green pruning that prevents the uncontrolled growth of grapes, and from August on through the selection of clusters and the controlling of the grapes. Around mid September, the leaves that are closest to the grapes are taken away to allow air and sun to reach them more easily and in the end, in October the maturation of the grapes is constantly checked in order to decide when to harvest. The last effort before tasting the wonderful grapes. Usually the harvest starts around the first half of October, at the beginning of autumn when the soil is still tepid from the summer heat and the cool morning breeze reminds the arrival of autumn.

On harvest day the morning starts earlier than usual in Sanlorenzo, there are many people, women and men, skilful hands that harvest the grapes in the best possible way before they are pressed and turned into the best juice men and nature have been able to create together. As soon as the first sun rays touch the vines, harvest begins.

That day in Sanlorenzo the sun rises early and sets late for the grape pickers. But in the end everybody, even the vines will get their deserved, but short, rest.