Rosato di Igt Toscana 2015

Rosato di Igt Toscana 2015


From Sangiovese grapes. cheerful color, red onion. The nose is the “cold” type with some green notes, but what emerges is the fruity cherry accompanied by sensations of other red fruits. The mouth is very pleasant, with rich and intense sip, by good acidity. Freshness that persists in the long finish.

Production method: salasso

Fermentation and aging in oak barrels


An easy year, it all started at the right time, as early as April with the first shoots coming out mid-month. A little rain, however remote over many days characterized throughout the vegetative growth of the plants by facilitating much the prevention of mildew and with a few treatments we managed to arrive in July. The flowering began in late May, and thanks to the good season, has come to fruit quickly. A torrid July led neighboring plants to stress but the land managed well and some beneficial rains did the trick. August began with veraison at the beginning of the month and has gone on for about three weeks; later this month with some rainfall and temperatures a bit lower. September was good and dry with average temperatures brought the grapes to a good sugar content already in mid-month, perhaps too quickly, whereas the ripening of the skins and seeds was behind. We had no hurry to collect despite the high sugar, the grapes had perfect acidity and the skins and seeds have achieved great maturity. Harvest 5 to 7 October.
Quantity higher than the average, about 50 tons of grapes per hectare
Excellent quality, acidity between 6 and 6.5 alcohol content between 14.2 and 16.


Production:  500 bottles


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