Rosato Toscana Igt 2014

Rosato di Igt Toscana 2014


From Sangiovese grapes. cheerful color, red onion. The nose is the “cold” type with some green notes, but what emerges is the fruity cherry accompanied by sensations of other red fruits. The mouth is very pleasant, with rich and intense sip, by good acidity. Freshness that persists in the long finish.

Production method: salasso

Fermentation and aging in oak barrels


Definitely my most difficult harvest in recent years. A difficult climate with rain and temperatures below average that were the leading line from June to September.
May and June have been rainy, temperatures between the average and below average, it was difficult to contain mildew and I did not always succeed.
Flowering started on June 5, later than the average of the last vintages
Flowering went pretty well and ended between 15 and 18 June
in July it continued to rain and the temperatures remained below average.
First hints of the veraison on July 23 but evenly from early August
In August and the first twenty days of September we had an unusual climate, just a little warm sun kept temperatures below average and it slowed the ripening before the maturation. In addition to this the many rains begin to bring out the mold and the feeling that the vintage is very complicated is always more real. I started with a first thinning of the grapes from August 20 to September then another step to remove an additional 20-30% of grapes, trying to salvage them.
The climate all year has been hostile except from the end of September to 10 October with warm, sunny days and this has allowed the grapes to ripen well. The harvest was on 9 and 10 October, the grapes that were left on the vine were largely healthy and well matured, the sugar content and good phenolic ripeness.


Production:  600 bottles


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