Rosso di Montalcino 2015

Rosso di Montalcino 2015


The red wine Rosso di Montalcino Doc Sanlorenzo comes from the youngest
vineyard on the farm, which opens like an amphitheatre towards the Orcia River
valley and the sea. The land is generally clayey and rocky, and the special
microclimate at over 400 meters above sea level gives the Sangiovese Grosso
cultivated in these vineyards an especially delicate flavour. Vinified in steel vats
at controlled temperatures, this wine is then aged in wooden
barrels of various sizes to reach an optimum equilibrium. Sixteen months of work in
the cantina is completed with a final aging in the bottle, to bring to the glass a wine
that is very fruity and delicate, but which has considerable body.
The fresh aromas of ripe cherries and the pleasant underlying traces of wood
make it balanced and elegant to the taste, and give it a distinguished flavour.

Easy year, everything started in the right times, since April with the first shoots coming out mid-month. A few rains and however many days apart have characterized the whole vegetative growth of the plants, greatly facilitating the prevention of peronospera and with few treatments we managed to arrive in July. The flowering started at the end of May and thanks to the good season it has come to spring fast. Torrential July has brought the plants close to stress but manages the soils well and some providential rain has avoided problems. August with swinging started at the beginning of the month lasted for twenty days; Late month with some rains and slightly lower temperatures. September good and dry with average temperatures has brought the grapes to a good sugar content already in mid-month, perhaps too fast considering that ripening of the skins and grapples was back. We did not rush to pick up despite the high sugars the grapes had a perfect acidity and a good maturity of both skins and grapevines. Harvest from 5 to 7 October.

yeld for hectare: 50 quintals
aging: barriques
production: 4000 bottles
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Reviews for this wine:

Intravino, Emanuele Giannone
Rosso di Montalcino 2015 Sanlorenzo (uscita ritardata)
Buono il Brunello, buonissimo, profondissimo, sostanzioso e slanciato, ambito e rivendicato ex aequo dal terrestre e dal celeste. Ma il Rosso al momento fa più immediatezza e più gola: pieno, caldo, tornito e sostanzioso eppure mobilissimo e vivacissimo, innervato di sale e freschezza. Avendo esaurito il bonus dei superlativi, vi auguro una buona serata.

Winesurf , Carlo Macchi
Un Rosso di Montalcino immediato, corposo, potente, che non ha mezze misure. La finezza non è certo la caratteristica principale, ma almeno siamo di fronte ad un vino schietto, dai toni netti e chiari.

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