Rosso di Montalcino 2012

Rosso di Montalcino 2012

The red wine Rosso di Montalcino Doc Sanlorenzo comes from the youngest vineyard on the farm, which opens like an amphitheatre towards the Orcia River valley and the sea. The land is generally clayey and rocky, and the special microclimate at over 400 meters above sea level gives the Sangiovese Grosso cultivated in these vineyards an especially delicate flavour. Vinified in steel vats at controlled temperatures, this wine is then aged in wooden barrels of various sizes to reach an optimum equilibrium. Sixteen months of work in the cantina is completed with a final aging in the bottle, to bring to the glass a wine that is very fruity and delicate, but which has considerable body. The fresh aromas of ripe cherries and the pleasant underlying traces of wood make it balanced and elegant to the taste, and give it a distinguished flavour.


Days 1 and 2 October
Production below average, about 30 quintals per hectare, decent quality.
Considerations: it was not an easy vintage, extreme cold in February, little rain in spring, an intense hailstorm on May 30 and a hot summer led to fears for the quality and the quantity of the crop. In September, the rains brought new life and hope, but now the grapes were small and few and the production was limited, fortunately, the quality was not compromised and there are good prospects for the Brunello 2012.

Yield per hectare:
Aging: big barrel
Production:  bottles
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