Rosato IGT Toscana 2017

Rosato Igt Toscana 2017


From Sangiovese grapes. cheerful color, red onion. The nose is the “cold” type with some green notes, but what emerges is the fruity cherry accompanied by sensations of other red fruits. The mouth is very pleasant, with rich and intense sip, by good acidity. Freshness that persists in the long finish.

Production method: salasso

Fermentation and aging in oak barrels


End of March and beginning of April was filled with warmth above average. This gave rise to the buds well in advance. However, they are faced with a very dangerous cold wave from mid to late April. Fortunately in Sanlorenzo, temperatures did not go below zero, hence, saving the shoots.
The vines recovered quickly thanks to the heat of the month of May and the complete lack of rains.
May 25 – Start of Flowering
During the months of June, there was no rainfall. However, in July, the heat was above average for many days, the plants adapted to this trend, they still survived amidst the drought and the extreme heat.
Everything seemed to be good but a strong hail on 26th of July threatened to jeopardize the harvest. Even though it was violent, but fortunately, it did not last long. The leaves suffered great damage while the grapes were only partially damaged. The heat and drought of August were completely annoyed.
Beginning of 10th of August
A little rain in August and early September restored balance. We started towards the harvest that was in line with the other years at the beginning of October.
A complicated vintage but the vines responded pretty well to the lots of attentions, the grapes and consequently, the wine became well-nourished and balanced, good enough make an excellent Brunello Bramante.

Production: 653 bottles
Yeld for hectare: 50 quintals of grapes
Bottling date: 21 march 2018

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