Rosato IGT TOSCANA 2016

Rosato Igt Toscana 2016


From Sangiovese grapes. cheerful color, red onion. The nose is the “cold” type with some green notes, but what emerges is the fruity cherry accompanied by sensations of other red fruits. The mouth is very pleasant, with rich and intense sip, by good acidity. Freshness that persists in the long finish.

Production method: salasso

Fermentation and aging in oak barrels


Year 2016 good and abundant!! Started with the best auspices of a hot March and April that made the screws revive two weeks in advance.
Fresh and rainy May and June have restored the right balance for a bloom that started at the right time of late May.
July and August warm but not too much allowed a good grape vortex and the picking started in early August brought the grapes to a very advanced stage already at the end of the month.
A balanced September allowed the right evolution of the clusters that were harvested on October 4 and 5.
Production: 586 bottles
Yeld for hectare: 50 quintals of grapes
Bottling date: 4 april 2017

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