Le Origini

From the land of Bramante to Luciano’s wine




Many men pass their lives searching for something that gives meaning to their existence: for Renzo, Bramante’s grandfather, it was given by the land. In the night of San Lorenzo, when stars fall , after having expressed his desire that has been passed from father to son, Renzo gave to Bramante the land he had obtained with much sacrifice. The latter decided to name it San Lorenzo.

Bramante extended the borders of the land, initially covered by secular forests, and with his hands and sweat turned it into the place whose olive groves and vineyards were to become the ‘jewels’ of Sanlorenzo. Nowadays these vineyards produce the grapes for two of the most renown and popular wines of the world: Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino. That is how Sanlorenzo was born; its name carries the sense of a man’s life, his love for the family and respect for work.

After a while, Paolo became Bramante’s assistant and later on married his daughter. Just as his father in law he believes in this demanding land, that turns out to be very generous and blesses the owners with high quality grapes.

Then Luciano, Paolo’s son, came . He carefully observed his grandfather and father, acquiring their experience, skills, values and the tradition they both loved. For Luciano making a good wine was not enough, he wanted to excel. He took a look at the world, focused on the far horizon. He realized that working in the vineyard alone was not enough, recognized the importance of knowing other worlds and meeting people, experimenting and researching.

This is how Sanlorenzo was born and grew: in the beginning just a single man’s dream and by now a reality that has been passed on for 5 generations.