Brunello di Montalcino Bramante Riserva 2007


The Riserva di Brunello di Montalcino Bramante is made only with exceptional vintages. This wine is bottled during the 5th year after harvest and left for refinement in the bottle until the February of the 6th year before being released on the market.

The year 2007 was characterised by anomalous sessonal weather. Given this context, the vines developed differently than in other years,with the first buds and flowers appearing prematurely (by 20-25 days). In June and July we had a slowdowan of growth and a premature darkening of color (by 15 July) that continue in an anomalous way because of the rains and unseasonably low temperatures during the month of August, which evened out the early development ad accumulated during the proceeding months. In this weather the grapes grew healthy, the bunches on the vines were spaced out and well arranged on the plants (the result of a careful selection), and we arrived at maximum maturity without any problems. The harvest took place at the same time as in other years (1-2 october), and once in the cantina, the grapes were found to have a percentage of sugar that was above average, while the acidity was maintained at a good level. On the whole, an excellent harvest.





Size 0,75 litri e 1,5 litri

Bottling date 31/08/11  Number of bottles  da 0.75 1261

Lot L311

Fascette AADA 2484398-2485658