Brunello di Montalcino Bramante Riserva 2006

The Riserva di Brunello di Montalcino Bramante is made only with exceptional vintages. This wine is bottled during the 4th year after harvest and left for refinement in the bottle until the February of the 6th year before being released on the market.


2006 was characterised by alternating rain and sun during the months of April to June, ideal for the development of the vegetation of the vines. The next season brought a very hot and sunny July, while August was less hot than usual with some rain. The first half of September, very hot and sunny, assured the definitive evolution of the grapes to a complete and balanced ripeness. The second half of September began with some rain but the weather quickly became nice again and permitted complete ripeness by the end of the month. For the Sanlorenzo vineyards it was an exceptional year. The harvest took place on the days of 4-5 October.

Moving,magnificent, elegant, sumptuous as the notes that rise from the glass, but at the same time loaded with a strange young anger, a captivating force impossible to ignore. It is a typical and classic Brunello di Montalcino and therefore able to conquer and involve everybody immediately, in January when it will be released and in twenty years time.”Andrea Gori


I don’t need to put my nose on the edge of the glass to smell it, the bouquet reaches me without any effort. There it is once again, I try to memorize it, a breath of earth, earth that reminds me of blood, fruit,musk and life. The wine breathes again, now I realize the smell is neither the one of Montalcino, nor the one of my home, it is the dark, humid and full smell of mother earth. It starts to rain again and I drink that smell that has now become solid, material, the smell of pleasure. My mood has changed, the Brunello is my accomplice. I drink it in long sips and travel with my mind among red oranges in Sicily, the juicy cherries of Turi and the earth of every place in the world. Tonight it is cooler and I, who was just looking for something comforting, passed an unforgettable summer evening. “Antonio Tomacelli



Size 0,75 litri e 1,5 litri

Bottling date   13/09/10                   Number of bottles 1241

Lot L310


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