2022 Harvest

The 2022 vintage was characterised by a cold but dry winter followed by a mild spring with very
little rain, permitting slow but even bud growth. Bud break began early in April, and the mild
weather favoured growth, with flowering occurring as early as the end of May, 10 to 15 days
ahead of the usual dates. Temperatures of around 30 degrees, more typical of the height of
summer, were registered early in June, while July temperatures peaked at over 35 degrees. The
vines reacted well and continued to grow, staying ahead of schedule and beginning
to change colour on the 20 th of July. The drought fortunately ended with the first rain
on the 29th of July, followed by more cool, rainy days in August, though not damp
enough to have adverse effects on the health of the grapes. Good weather in
September, with a strong temperature excursion between day and night, ensured
that the grapes were ripe by the end of the month.
Harvest date 26 – 27 September
Average yield per hectare 4200 kg
Average to high quality for all vines
Annate simili 2007 2009 2011 2017

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