Top 5 Brunello di Montalcino

Su Swide, scritto da Chiara Giovoni:

Luciano Ciolfi is a young producer with a relatively recent history, given that his first harvest on his own was that of 2003. Yet his is a genuine and instinctive Brunello, a frank wine of innate refinement, which tells much of the craft of who produces it, and this consonance comes as no surprise given that Luciano’s work in the vineyard is constant, maniacal to the point of knowing the details of the performance of each single vine and selecting only the best grapes at each harvest. Luciano chose the name of the Brunello to honour his grandfather, who taught him the secrets of the soil of Montalcino from the time he was a child.  The Sanlorenzo farm is situated on the south-west slopes 500 metres above sea level, on the crest of the hills where the vineyards are called “the four princesses”: light, awakening, Bramante and Lorenzo, the youngest. The “princess of Bramante” is the oldest and smallest of the vineyards, producing only Brunello di Montalcino, but it is a vineyard that is full of memories, which it brings with it at every harvest. Luciano says that it is the soil, not even the vines, that makes most of the wine, even if the attentive winemaker knows what to look for among those branches from the day of pruning up to harvesting. Bramante is a precise Brunello that is full of freshness, with a surprising, alive and vibrant enjoyment and a regenerating finale of red currants, white pepper, rhubarb with an ending of orange and herbs. Vital.






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